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Jerusalem Weight Loss Method

Note:  This is a review.  Click here to visit The Jerusalem Diet Site. Jerusalem diet

The Jerusalem Diet was spawned from a book by Ted Haggard. Truthfully, it has nothing to do with Israel or The Bible. The author just happened to be there when created the diet.

The book chronicles his personal battles with weight loss. While in the holy city in 1998, he made a commitment to lose weight. He decided to eat only fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds for one day and discovered that his clothes fit better and he felt better overall.

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From these results, he created a long term weight loss strategy based on monitoring fat loss with regular weigh ins and periodic days of light eating. This diet requires that you weigh yourself every day on a digital scale.

If you are at or below your goal weight, you’ve reached a “normal day” and you can eat as you please. But if you’re just a few ounces or pounds over then you’ve got a “fat day” on your hands, then you must scale back and eat nothing but veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds and water.


In addition, you must exercise for at least one hour a day in order to get you back to your target weight.

This diet is definitely lacking in scientific backed research and it is truly just a little off the wall. However, it does actually appear to provide dieters with a successful strategy for healthy long term weight loss.

The book suggests only one pound a week weight loss and dieting for only one day at a time. Both of these are doable for most people.


  • You can still eat your favorite foods.
  • Your weight loss is gradual.
  • Promotes exercise


  • Created more for those who have little weight to lose.
  • Not enough structure for many dieters.
  • Weight changes may be due to something other than the food you are eating.

On this plan, you will change bad eating habits slowly and not starve yourself to death or feel deprived of good food.

Click here to visit The Jerusalem Diet Site.

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