Does Nutrisystem Really Work?

 Nutrisystem Weight Loss

Note:  This is a review.   Click here to visit the Nutrisystem Site.

Does Nutrisystem Really Work? does nutrisystem really work

Nutrisystem began way back in the 1970’s as weight loss centers usually located in shopping malls. The company began to struggle in the 1990’s and revamped their thinking to become an online only company.

Similar to Jenny Craig in many ways, they are known for using celebrities to promote their eating plan such as Marie Osmond, Tori Spelling, Dan Marino, Joey Fatone, Don Shula, Jason Taylor, and Zora Andrich (Joe Millionaire).

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This healthy diet plan is all about convenience. They sell pre-packaged (heat and eat) meals from their website and ship them straight to your door.

They have an ongoing deal that will supply one week’s free food with every 4 week order. As with many other diets, these meals avoid “bad” carbs or carbohydrates high on the glycemic index.

How Does It Work?
As stated above, this healthy eating plan is based on the Gylcemic Index “good carb” foods with optimal amounts of protein to help keep you satisfied and your blood sugar levels stable.

This is referred to as NutriSystem Nourish. Users of this program eat often during the day (thank goodness), and will always have perfect portions with every packaged entrée, snack, and dessert they receive.

The plan also includes what they call MindNourish and BodyNourish to help get your mind and body set for weight loss, because it takes more that just what you eat to lose weight.

You lose weight while hopefully learning healthy eating habits you can use every day for the rest of your life.

The Nutrisystem Nourish program provides an online analysis to calculate your calorie requirement.

With this, your meal plans can be calculated and your meals will begin to be shipped to your front door (or drivers door if you live in your car).


There is also online support available with a membership in the program. You will be contacted by a weight loss counselor once you’ve subscribed.


  • Weight Loss-If you can stick with the prepackaged meals, you will lose weight.
  • Convenience-meals are delivered to your door.
  • Extras-Nutrisystem will provide you with a free meal planner and exercise program.
  • No Hidden Cost-You pay for the meals and nothing else.


  • Food-Some of the food is simply not too tasty. You will have to experiement.
  • Sodium-Unfortunately, much of the prepackaged food is high in sodium (salt) which is not recommended in most eating plans.

Does Nutrisystem Really Work Conclusion:

Nutrisystem will reduce your calories and “bad” carbs by doing all the calorie counting for you. If you find enough foods you like to stay on this diet, you will lose weight.

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It is also the cheapest of the prepacked meal plans. I would give this one a high recommendation.

Click here to visit the Nutrisystem Site.



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